My own, home-made NFC enabled bussiness cards

So I made own NFC enabled bussiness cards with NFC stickers that I bought from a company called Tagstand.

I've programmed the sticker to link to the contact form on my website. If your smartphone doesn't have NFC, you can scan the QR code to get to the same contact form.

A new platform

Version 6 of Squarspace was released a couple of weeks ago, and I have now moved my site over to the new plaform.

I'm still exploring the new features and layout of the editor, but I will try and add more content and features in the comming weeks,

Domain up and running

Finally registered the doman as the primary domain tor this site. I had a litte trouble setting up the DNS, but after consulting with my domain-name provider, I got it to work. 

There's still al lot of work to do left, mainly in terms of content, so keep watching this space.

Up an running(almost)

What lies before you is the prototype version of my new website. The goal is to use it as a platform to show off my work in the fields of graphic design, photography and video. 

I will try to update the contents of this site on a regular basis. I am currently using a free Squarspace account to host my website, but I will soon upgrade to a paid account and to a new domain.

I hope you will enjoy the contents of this site.